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The Complete Guide to Living a Wise Life: Listen to the World and Improve Your Life Starting Today

Updated: Apr 30, 2023

Recently I have taken over the rental agreement of the house I am living in.

I cleaned the house, dumped old stuff, and furnished it with new appliances.

I also found 2 new people to live with.

Before signing the rental agreement, my brother recommended I ask the landlord to water blast the house given its cobweb appearance. So, for the first time, I listened to him and nervously asked the landlord. Surprisingly, the landlord accepted and the dirt was blasted away!

A clean mind opens doors to new possibilities

Next was the light bulbs. My dad suggested I ask the landlord to replace the living room light bulbs. I was reluctant to trust my dad given they were just light bulbs, and I was nervous the landlord would shout at me. However, I tried, and on this occasion, they agreed. And then there was light!

I then asked my brothers how the living room furniture should be arranged. This gave me ideas I hadn’t thought of. My brother’s girlfriend recommended Facebook Marketplace to buy the sofa. So, I followed her advice and found a lovely one.

Benefits of listening to the world

Next was listing the house online for new flatmates (roommates). My dad recommended I include photos of the local café’s to boost its appeal. I made the effort one morning and took this photo.

Birkenhead cafe culture
Grat local cafes, bakery (Wild Wheat), and restaurants nearby

This was a big task for me.

Meditation helped me manage this process profoundly.

Meditation gave me the ability to listen to other people.

Before meditation, I did not listen to other people’s suggestions or ideas. I would always dismiss them because I thought my way was best. I also did not trust other people’s ways because I thought I was right.

My own thinking has been incredibly self-limiting.

Just like cleaning a messy house, when your mind is clean you can make a new life.

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1 Comment

Can't believe how much of a huge different it makes with the skylights Glad to see you overcoming your mind and following the world - when magic happens :D

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