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How do we find the breathtaking world of Paradise in our minds?

Updated: Feb 5, 2023

I visited Paradise.

Paradise is a place in the South Island of New Zealand.

A place called Paradise

(Source: Google Maps)

The area of Paradise is a dramatic landscape with big, rugged mountains, pristine clear waters, and trees 🌳

Paradise Road (South Island, NZ)

The area is home to 'Paradise Ducks', which have a beautiful unique colour to them.

Paradise Ducks (Source:

And there is even a local beer called 'Paradise Pilsner', brewed locally in the area.

Paradise Pilsner (local beer)

I recently hiked through this area on a family trip. The sheer beauty of the scenery left me gazing at the waters and mountains.

Crystal clear waters

However, even though paradise surrounded me, I could not maintain tranquility in my mind at all times.

Complaints kept popping up inside me, keeping me inside my mind.

Only if this world of Paradise, could be always inside me.

One of the fields we walked through

People travel far and wide to reach this breathtaking beauty and to feel a sense of calmness and peace.

In religious scriptures, it says Paradise is in your mind.

We can find Paradise inside ourselves when we throw away all of our karma, habits and body.

I really want to always have Paradise inside me, so that I can fully appreciate the endless beauty of mother nature at all times.

Mother nature

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