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The Way to the Existent World of Truth

Live Happily and Eternally

If there is something you do not know, you can learn it by going to a place that knows it.
To learn how to live forever, you can come here.
Now is the time to live in the existent world of Truth.

The Way to the Complete World
1. Discarding Karma
1. Throwing away remembered thoughts
2. Throwing away images of myself, images of my human relationships
3. Throwing away my body
4. Throwing away my body and the universe
5. Throwing away my body and the universe
6. Myself disappears and becomes the universe
7. Eliminating my negative mind, the life lived, and the thoughts.
2. Discarding Habits
Eliminating Hwan (Illusions of mind)
3. Discarding Body
When the karma, habits, and body disappear, the Soul and Spirit of the Universe remains in one’s mind. The land that is born again from here is the land of Truth.
In Each Session, You Will be Guided to
Recall the remembered thoughts and pictures of your life. Realise where all your stress and burdens are coming from and increase your self-awareness.
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1. Reflect on Your Mind
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2. Cleanse Your Mind
Throw away the cause of all stress, burden and doubts using the guided systematic method from the perspective of the Universe. 
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3. Reveal the Truth
Realise that the human mind doesn’t exist and Truth is within you. Keep cleansing until you achieve real happiness in the Complete World.
This Meditation is Different
This meditation is causing a worldwide sensation because it’s remarkably unique.
It is easy for anyone to understand and practice this method.
You can enlighten to the Truth with clarity as much as you cleanse.
This method can be incorporated to your daily life conveniently.
This is a structured method for anyone to progressively reach Truth.
Anyone can meditate regardless of age, gender, religion or nationality.
Enlightenment lasts forever. You live eternally when you meditate to the end.
Introductory Videos
People are living in the incomplete world. In this world, everything that we see eventually disappears. When this world is made to be born again in the existent world of Truth, you can live eternally without death.
To change from incompletion to completion, meditation is needed.