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Will I be able to break free from my own stereotypes I have made?

So, why should we break free from stereotypes?

First, do you know why a bottle of wine is 750ml?

It goes back to the 18th century.

In the past, glass craftsmen blew wine bottles with their mouths to make wine bottles.

At that time, the average lung capacity of a glass craftsman was 650ml to 750ml.

Despite the advancement of technology to mass-produce glass bottles, they are still using 750ml as the capacity for wine bottles.

Also, the computer keyboard that we use these days is using the Qwerty type.

If you read the upper column of the keyboard in alphabetical order, it becomes QWERTY.

It is said that in the 19th century, a quarter-style keyboard arrangement was made to prevent keypunch from getting tangled with each other if the typewriter was used quickly.

But even though modern computer developments no longer cause the keypunch to get tangled, we still use the Qwerty keyboard.

From the example above, we can know.

Sometimes, instead of choosing something efficient, like new technology for example, even if we find something inefficient, we tend to use what we know.

Then how about our mind?

Our minds too, get stuck in old ways of thinking, even as times and environments have changed. Sometimes, thoughts that are taken for granted may be tied to my stereotypes and therefore I may not be able to see the status quo properly.

So, what should I do to break free from my stereotypes?

First, stereotypes are made as my habits and thoughts become more and more solid.

To break free, we need time to look back on our life and thoughts objectively. We can get out of our stereotypes when we put our mind down and objectively look back.

I think the quickest and most effective way to break away from stereotypes is mind training and meditation.

Through the meditation method, I can constantly look back on my life and thoughts.

Also, it makes me let go of the thoughts.

Meditation goes beyond just relaxing and calming my mind. It helps me live better with actions and thoughts that fit this rapidly changing era, free from my stereotypes. It allows you to live the most sophisticated life.

How about having a sophisticated lifestyle through meditation?

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1 Comment

Jul 04, 2023

The wine bottle example is really interesting! 🍾 I'm glad I have this meditation to fit in with this ever-changing era.

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