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A mountain top called Paradise

Updated: Dec 13, 2022

There is a mountain top called Paradise.

Since ancient times, word of mouth has it that it is a place where everything is so abundant that people can live without worries and greed, not to mention exquisite beauty.

However, the mountain is notorious for being so rugged that no one has ever reached the top. Just a rumour goes around that a man lives up there, but no one knows when and how he got there.

Meanwhile, at the foot of the mountain, life has become more and more like hell. The natural order is disturbed, various mutated viruses threaten people, and people lose their way.

One day, the man on top of the mountain, having watched the situation below, spared no effort to come down the mountain himself. He told every person he met that he knows the way to the top and that he is willing to guide each one there.

Since no one had ever seen a man living on the top, some considered him a lunatic or a fraud. Nonetheless, he endured the hellish environment at the foot of the mountain and waited for people to climb to the top together.

His health started to deteriorate. He coughed, his bones got brittle, and his teeth fell out. Still, when people came, he spoke without fail, day and night, of the heavenly life on top of the mountain and encouraged them to leave their hellish lives here.

One particular day, he decided to climb the mountain together with the gathered people until now. He took the lead, clearing the stones, leveling the ground, and removing the dangerously protruding branches, so that people could follow easily.

He had to keep on encouraging them by telling them they were almost at the top, even if it was still a long way to go because people gave up easily otherwise. He soothed the whining people because they did not know that life in Paradise was worth all these troubles.

Being the only one knowing the way, he felt lonely, but he considered it his fate to help people to know the way too.

Despite his efforts, some gave up halfway and went back, and those who followed him till the end reached the top of the mountain for the first time, which was believed to be a rumour. People agreed that this place was indeed Heaven, Paradise, and the land of Bliss.

They knelt and wept in gratitude for a while. They thanked him for willingly coming down all the way from the top, waiting as long as it takes, and guiding them with immense patience.

For a moment of admiration, they followed him back down the mountain without a word. No one asked why he went down the mountain again nor complained of being tired.

They were happy to bring their loved ones and acquaintances from the foot of the mountain. They wished him not to be lonely this time by accompanying him.

- MJ is a former formal screenwriter

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