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Become the person you were born to truly be

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

I remember the imposing spectacle and the natural beauty of the landscape, surrounding Lake Matheson.

It is close to Franz Josef Glacier, in the South Island of New Zealand. As I readied myself to dive into the crystal clear water, I imagined how totally amazing it was going to feel, but when I did actually dive in the lake it seemed to be so incredibly deep. The water seemed to go down forever. It was like I was swimming in a massive pool of endlessness.

My normal confident feelings in water suddenly dissipated and I began to feel incredibly uncomfortable, really vulnerable, and a kind of panic started to overcome me.

I needed to get out quickly.

When I looked back at the water, I realised how far "out of my comfort zone" I had been swimming in the lake.


When we are faced with an experience or environment which is unfamiliar and different, we are often left not knowing how to react.

In our daily lives we generally walk around surrounded by a bubble of safety and familiarity and we endeavour to ensure that we are always confident and secure.

We talk with the same people, shop at the same places and constantly repeat the same actions

These actions, thoughts and beliefs have been formed by our past experiences, our culture, our family and our perceptions of the world around us.

These are based on the limitations of our understanding and ability to comprehend. They dictate the way in which we live our lives and it is these influences which do far more than just protect us. They in fact create the "voices in our head", which sometimes leave us feeling threatened, hurt and depressed.

Just as I needed to "handle" my feelings when I dived into Lake Matheson, we all need to dive into and accept the immense possibilities that life has to offer us.

"We all need to dive into and accept the immense possibilities that life has to offer us"

We can actually develop the ability to silence and dismiss our negative inner voices, our insecurities, our fear of change and our dread of the future.

When our damaging negative thoughts are neutralised we are freed to experience the wonders of what life can truly provide.

So why not learn how you too can turn your life around and become the person you were born to truly be.

Find out more by joining one of our free online Meditation sessions and begin your journey to a better life.

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