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Morning Paradise

Updated: Dec 13, 2022

The morning light shimmered on the calm waves as people walked along the beachside.

Sounds of coffee machines brewed flat whites for the early morning comers.

An old man said to his friend “Look at this, this is magic!”

It was a stunning morning.

And it was a Thursday, a working day.

Usually, I would be inside the office, however this morning I was outside. I finished my work at a café overlooking the beach.

At the table behind me, I could hear businessmen arguing over who should be on the board of directors.

This time I wasn’t blind to Paradise.

The morning light dazzled on top of the waves.

I was amazed at how beautiful the morning was. And it was a work day!

In the past, even when the beautiful beach was in front of me, I was too busy in my head with many complaints, so I could not appreciate the day.

Meditation allowed me to see the world.

I don’t want to miss life. I will keep meditating so I can be in Paradise.


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