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Finding happiness through meditation

Where is true happiness? What is the relationship between meditation and happiness?

We often say that happiness is not far away, but "Inside our hearts."

I read a fairy tale book when I was young called "The Blue Bird."

In the story, two children travel to the Land of Memories, the Palace of Night, and the Palace of Happiness to find the bluebird, but eventually return home without finding it.

Surprisingly, the bluebird was a bird that they raised at home.

I think the author of the fairy tale tried to send a message to the children that happiness is within us.

So how can we find happiness in our heart?

Can you see the rock down there?

It's just an ordinary rock.

This rock is called Greenstone.

If you grind and polish the greenstone gemstone, it becomes a pretty gem like this.

In New Zealand, Greenstone is considered a powerful precious gem.

Many people make necklaces from greenstone and wear them.

In the quarry, the unprocessed greenstone is just a piece of stone, but when a jeweller starts grinding and polishing it, it's reborn as a gemstone.

Our minds are like Greenstone. Our minds are like ordinary stones, but if you polish your mind through meditation, you'll find true happiness in your heart that you've never seen before.

Then you can face the true happiness in your heart.

There is a scientific and systematic method to grind and polish our mind in this meditation.

Through meditation, you look back on yourself and throw away your negative minds one after another. As my negative thoughts are thrown away one by one, you can find true happiness that cannot be changed or abandoned.

The moment you find happiness in your heart, not outside, you can always be happy.

I want to tell you that happiness is within us, and that happiness can only be found when we grind and polish our mind.

Why don't you take time to get rid of your worries, anxiety, and stress through mind meditation and find real happiness?


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