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Does Happiness also need training?

Do you want happiness?

Then, make a habit of happiness!

First, let me tell you a simple story.

When I was young, I moved house.

My new house wasn't too far from my old house.

So, there was no need to change schools.

One day, I was on my way home from school.

The moment I arrived in front of my house, I thought, "Oh, my God!"

I went to my old house without realizing it.

I'm laughing at the situation now, but at the time I was very embarrassed.

I realised that our brain tries to keep familiar things that we normally do, rather than remembering the new things.

So, in other words, Our brains don't choose what's good for us. Unconsciously, we keep the familiar routine with which we always lived.

People with a lot of worries start worrying when something happens. Regardless of whether or not it's good for me, it is the repeated way that I have maintained. People who have a lot of negative thoughts will think negatively first, because it is the familiar way they have lived. We already know worry, anxiety, irritation, hate, and negative thoughts are not beneficial to us. However, we automatically follow that mind without realizing it.

Finding Happiness Training

How can I change my negative mindset into gratitude and happiness?

Yes! That's right.

You need a habit of happiness. That's why happiness also needs training. By changing our brain habits, we can find happiness.

However, long-term habits and our consciousness do not change easily overnight.

So, what I recommend the most is meditation.

Through meditation, I can objectively look at myself who has lived self-centred. By abandoning my repeated way of living which has been programmed into my brain, I can change.

Meditation is not just sitting with your eyes closed, it can be seen as scientific and systematic happiness training.

I go to cooking classes to learn cooking, and computer school to learn computers.

Likewise, through meditation, why don't you take time to train your happiness?

Happiness is a habit and my choice.

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Really like how you say that happiness needs training. And that it is possible to change with meditation!🙏

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