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Why is spiritual awakening so painful?

Updated: Dec 13, 2022

Claire Lee, Former administrator at university

Because I have to let go of everything I've ever thought was right.

If there is 'something right' in my mind, it means that there is 'something wrong.'

As if there is no woman if there is no man in the world.

In other words, what is right and wrong is also the shape of my mind that I have.

Spiritual awakening | Auckland Meditation

Each person has a different frame of mind, so every single person has a different mind world. But for each person, the world they have is everything. Isn't it hard because you have to break everything you have in your mind and come out from it?

But the human mind world is not real but illusionary. So you have freedom when you get away from it. It takes a lot of courage to go to a world you have never seen.

However, since humans were born to find their true selves and live True life, everyone has to do it.

What happens to a baby if he refuses to be born and tries to stay in his mother's womb?

What happens if a chick refuses to break an egg and come out?

Is the world inside the shell everything because it is everything a chick perceives?

Universe | Auckland Meditation

If it comes out from the shell, there are all the environments where chicks can learn how to live in the world and grow. It is a world that chicks cannot imagine. Whether the chicks refuse or not, eggshells will crack. And the chicks will be born.

Leave yourself to the environment given to you. It is to leave yourself to the flow of nature. The stronger you resist it, the more painful it becomes. Can you stay comfortable if you try to be in your egg due to fear of the outside world? Can you be happy inside it? It becomes a pain to try to be inside it.

Eternal | Auckland Meditation

Just as a baby is willing to endure pain to come out into the world, just as a chick is willing to struggle to break an egg, it is only a process, and it is a fixed human conception to define it as pain.

Spiritual awakening is the process of destroying one's world made by all the deep-rooted ancestral minds one had been born with, and one's karma created based on it and living an eternal life by having the land of Truth within one's self.

All the emotions and situations encountered on the journey are precious experiences to create True life in a world where one escapes from them.

The day will come when what you believe is pain is turned into a blessing.


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