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What do most people fear?

Updated: Dec 13, 2022

Claire Lee, former university administrator

People live without knowing who they are.

They fear because they don't know themselves

Stress | Auckland Meditation

We live in a world with different looks and different thoughts.

However, each society sets social standards with its own values and follows them.

Those who are able to meet those standards lead a satisfying life.

People with abilities different from those standards lag behind society.


I have hated myself for falling short of society's standards.

I believed I wasn't good enough and incapable.

During my meditation, I realised how severely I hurt myself.

It took me quite a while to apologise and to soothe myself.

I learned to accept myself as I am.

I'm a person with a lot of fear, tears, and thoughts. But thanks to them, I am able to write articles and reflect deeply.

I can reach deep into my heart and other people's hearts.

All of the elements that I have are precious.

I don't hate my fears, tears, or thoughts.

I accept them as they are.

Their pain is relieved.

They no longer embarrass me unexpectedly.

Fear appears in things that need to be careful.

When I hear someone's painful story, I can cry with them.

True Love | Auckland Meditation

Do not try to become a fearless version of yourself.

Don't hate or suppress yourself who is not confident.

Don't overwork yourself for fear of becoming useless.

Don't feel pressured to do something bigger.

The world is complete because of you.

My world is not complete without you.


What we have to throw away is the human mind that resists being complete in itself.

When you abandon the false human mind, there is only truth.

Happiness is accepting the world as it is without rejecting fear, sadness, joy, separation, or meeting.

Only that happiness never changes. What everyone wants is to live happily forever.

Fear and happiness are not different.

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