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The Way to Manage Life's Speed Bumps and Still Find Happiness in Tough Times

Life is full of speed bumps.

Some speed bumps are big.

Some speed bumps are small.

The road goes down.

And the road goes up.

We don’t know when speed bumps will come in life.

I’ve been going over a big speed bump recently.

I had to do something I had not done before.

I was afraid and nervous.

I needed to ask for help.

I opened up to my friends and family and they gave me advice to follow.

Listening to their advice and taking action on what they said, I could manage my speed bump.

Meditation helped hugely here.

In the past, I would avoid this situation, I would run away.

I had so many negative thoughts.

It stole my happiness in the present moment.

Meditation helps find happiness in tough times

Fortunately, this meditation helped me clear worries from my mind.

It gave me the courage to take action.

Staying consistent and with a clear mind, I could remain in control.

The situation has now mostly resolved itself.

I am grateful to the world.

I am grateful I can go over the speed bumps.

Meditation helps go through tough times in life


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29 jul 2023

Here's to life's speed bumps and growing and overcoming :)

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