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My greatest holiday of all

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

We all know that holidays bring us renewed energy and great relief from those things that stress us, in our lives.

I personally remember one day in particular. My parents had paid for my holiday to New Zealand, as a 21st birthday present. It was my first trip away from my home country of Australia and on the first night I stayed at a "Backpackers Hostel", in Christchurch.

It was a very exciting experience, as New Zealand has its own unique culture and breath-taking landscaped. I of course was familiar with New Zealand cultural icons, such as Tikis and Kiwi Birds but not very much else. I of course was aware of the traditional links between both countries through Gallipoli and our shared British colonisation.

I clearly remember my first night in New Zealand. I had the most overwhelming sensation of absolute freedom. I remember feeling that all of my cares and worries were so far away from me, back in Australia. It was as if they could no longer touch me, because of their distance.

Invisible strings had been severed and my life was refreshed. My worldly problems were no longer relevant.

Years later I would once again discover these feelings, but this time it would be an experience which lasted and not just be a momentary sensation.

This was the results of my Meditation.

Meditation effectively cuts the "strings" which bind our movements and thoughts, freeing us from the burdens we continue to suffer from.

It is about discarding the emotions we have attached to our memories. It is about removing our mechanical responses caused by the build-up of habits. It is also about breaking the negative chains which are connected to our traditions and biology.

Meditation neutralises the harmful effects which trigger and control personalities. Meditation refreshes, energises and activates who we really are. So, it is Meditation that can provide us with the greatest holiday of all.

It is time to live your life as it is meant to be.

If you are not already meditating, today is the day that you can begin a wonderful adventure.

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