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Death and Reborn

When I was very young, not even 10, some of my loved ones died in different unexpected ways. This was a very unreal experience for me at that time because these people were clearly alive yesterday. In my mind, they were so warm and friendly to me.

At this time, I began to realise the word "Death". “Death exists”. Death made me afraid of the unknown.


As I grew older, I read books, learned topics and searched different teachers relating to "death'. I discovered that information about liberation and death was well written, and it always sounded comforting. However, there was no practical, actionable path for me to learn this "skill of liberation."


Time flies and under the influence of the cultural environment and social values I lived in, more and more disorganised ideas came into my mind, gradually forming greater pressure and a more unstable emotional state.

"Which is better, to live or to die?"


At the end of my teenage years, I failed my university entrance exam making me feel as if I had no choices for my future. Through a family and friends introduction, I moved to New Zealand and started my own life here.


Looking back, I think I chose to stay overseas in New Zealand because of my mind at that time. I was naturally escaping the surroundings, people, pressures, and the tangible and intangible things that popped up in my mind.


Upon arriving in New Zealand, I started a busy and hopeless life. Time flies, and in 2017, a friend introduced me to this meditation. I decided to experience it with curiosity.


When I was on the first level, I clearly realised, “Isn't this the way and path I've been looking for? A skill of how to get real freedom/liberation.” A skill that can be learned by a real method.


With my grateful heart appreciating this meditation. Thank you for getting rid of my stress and anxiety. Thank you for teaching me the meaning of "Death and Reborn".



Great to read your story Yao, you had deep questions from a young age.



Hi Yao. How are you today? 😃

"very good. Thank you! "😎

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