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Can You Be Happy on Monday? - How a Regular Meditation Practice Can Help Your Work Day.

Updated: Apr 6

My job requires me to be on the ball all the time.


My manager can ask me how any one of my 10 projects is going and I need to give a clear answer.

Just saying “I don’t know” doesn’t look good!


This is where Meditation comes in.  


Since I have been practicing meditation my work life has improved greatly.

"My stress levels have reduced significantly. I no longer need to lie down outside my office on the concrete drinking an energy drink in the afternoon to find the will to live so I can go back inside and make it to 5pm".


The power of meditation - improving work life and career
My work day has improved greatly thanks to meditation

"I used to go into the bathroom and do deep breathing exercises to calm my nerves because I was so self-conscious and afraid of making a mistake."

Staying focused in my job is so important.

I need to be able to give confidence to people.


Meditation has helped me find courage
Courage has been found within through meditation

Here are some small but significant changes I have noticed since starting meditation:


  • Acceptance - I can accept my managers and co-workers – this has reduced stress improving my interpersonal relationships and making me happier.

  • Self-awareness - I can see my wrongful behaviour towards others more often. I can find the courage to embrace my teammates. This is supported through scientific studies such as the one here.

  • Courage to do things I did not used to do - for example, phoning a client to tell them something important rather than hiding behind an email. This improves the relationship and makes for a smoother result.

  • Wisdom - Knowing when to approach my manager and not insist on my opinion – this has helped the flow of my day so much.

Meditation has given me wisdom to approach my co-workers

  • The ability to say "sorry" when needed instead of holding judgments - easing tension between myself and people in my office.

  • Push through difficult tasks - inner strength and confidence to push through challenging times, as well as having the courage to ask others for help - a result of letting go of my pride.

  • Less procrastination - more action because I spend less time in my head thinking.

  • The ability to STAY in my company. Staying in my job has helped me form relationships with co-workers bringing regularity to my day. In the past, I could not accept others and so I changed workplaces. However, this created more stress.

  • Gratitude – noticing the little things the world is giving me that I previously was unaware of.

Gratitude is the most healing of all emotions
Gratitude heals

  • Exercise - willingness to go to the gym and do a morning run. The endorphin release improves my mood making me more productive and positive - good energy flows out to its surroundings.

  • Listening better to my manager's instructions as I am not stuck inside my head as much.

  • Cravings for junk food have disappeared. As a result, I have more energy to be productive throughout the day.

  • Emails are more positive - I use emojis and write in a warmer tone receiving a better response - emails are no longer neutral and detached.

Organize mind and body
My work is more organized thanks to a clearer mind

  • In the past, I woke up at 7.15 am. I tried to wake up earlier but I couldn’t make it a habit. Now I can wake up at 6.30 am. I get to work 45 minutes earlier than before - I can focus and get extra work done before the rest of the office arrives.

  • Daily morning meditation - I meditate for 5 minutes before going into the office - clearing my mind to start positive. A clearer mind leads to clearer decisions.

Gratitude has replaced the dreary office life I once had.


Practicing daily meditation brings me into life.



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