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Deadline Monday. How can Meditation help you with your Work Life? A Short Story

Where do I start?

Where is the nice food I can eat?

Shall I have another coffee to distract myself from what I should be doing?

This is SO hard.

These are the thoughts running through my head.

I have been writing an important report for a proposed apartment complex.

This only happens about once a year in my line of work.

My report will be read by many people, including lawyers, neighbours, experts and more experts. And I have to speak in front of an audience in a public meeting.

Meditation has given me confidence
Meditation calms me for public speaking

I knew I had to be organised.

So, prior to the week starting, I blocked out specifically what section of the report I should do each day in my calendar.

My Outlook Calendar Schedule - something I could never do or commit to in the past
My Microsoft Outlook Calendar for the week – Something I could never plan or commit to in the past

I've never been this organised before at work.

I made a promise to myself to stick to my plan no matter what.

I also told myself:

“I will go to the gym every morning Monday to Friday”.


There was a real change this week.

I went to the gym each morning which helped a lot.

The “stress” in my body disappeared and I felt relaxed in the office.

On Tuesday night I meditated with Oceania Meditation to clear my mind.

This is a meditation practice I have been doing for several years now.

Wednesday was productive.

Although my mind was pulling me towards my habits, like eating nice food or getting into other people's conversations, I stayed focused.

However, I couldn't completely stay on track.

I made the mistake of drinking my third coffee at 5 pm.

I couldn’t sleep.

Despite being tired in the morning I still made it to the gym.

I even enjoyed the gym...maybe because my mind was set on completing this report.

Moments of gratitude came on Thursday.

Friday came and my co-workers knocked off early at 4 pm.

I could hear my co-workers laughing in the cafeteria. They were eating pizza and drinking beer!!

I stayed at my desk and kept going.

And by 6 pm I finished!

I was proud of myself for completing my big task as planned 😊


I point meditation down as the reason why I could complete this difficult task.

Meditation gave me the mind strength to stay on track 👣.

I strongly recommend meditation as a way to improve your work life.

Meditation gives me energy to GO to the gym.
Meditation focuses my mind on one thing.
Meditation helps me eat healthy.

David is an Urban Planner in Auckland

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