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What are the best ways to lose weight?

Updated: Dec 13, 2022

Claire Lee, Former Administrator in university

Body and mind are one. In order to lose unnecessary weight, one needs to have the right lifestyle as well as the right mind🏃‍♀️

Listen to your body's signals.

Many times, my body didn't move as I desired and I felt stiff. At other times, I felt helplessly tired no matter how much I rested. I developed a rough skin condition and my vision became damaged as a result of forcing myself to work on the computer.

My lumped shoulders felt exhausted as they supported my head bent to look down at the cell phone and I didn't even recognize it was a big deal to have an uneven shoulder posture or having to cross my legs every time I sat down due to a twisted pelvis. 😧

Above all, I gained weight as I kept putting food in my mouth while ignoring the tormenting storms in my stomach and poor energy circulation.

What did I do to get my body like that? I was in despair.

Lose weight by Auckland Meditation

💠If you clean your mind, the body slims down by itself.

I chose meditation as a way to deal with the painful minds that came alongside these body issues. As the painful minds gradually disappeared, I began seeing my life habits from an objective standpoint. I finally realised that my body problems occurred as a result of the problems with my mind.

I was able to meditate anytime, anywhere, and was able to recognise and relax any tension in the body from daily stress as I cleaned my mind. I felt that my body and mind were becoming harmoniously balanced as they united --- the body is the mind. 💛

I was naturally able to find answers about what kind of food the body needed, what kind of exercise was right for me, and how much exercise was appropriate. With constant execution of balancing the mind and body, I felt younger and healthier with glowing skin. Even though I didn't think about losing weight or trying, the weight fell off by itself.

It is meditation that helped me find the right mind - the true mind - that is within me. This mind is a mind of gratitude and positivity allowing you to live the right life. This is the secret to maintaining a healthy lifestyle in which the false mind - source of all wrong body behaviors and weight gain - does not exist.

Energy circulation by Auckland Meditation

In this present era, with the greatest abundance and food overflow throughout history, we owe it to our ancestors to enjoy the fruits from their blood, sweat, and sacrifice instead of worrying about unnecessary weight gain.

🙆‍♀️Let's be thankful and have a grateful heart for each piece of bread we put in our mouths. It's time to fully enjoy and feel it.

🥨Let's have the ability to listen to our bodies, what it likes or doesn't like, and what foods it can accept and digest.

🙅‍♀️Let's have the ability to recognise when our body posture is crooked and correct it.

💃Let's throw away those false minds that are not realistic and that build bad habits that cause overeating and disease.

Thank you for reading this article, I hope my experiences and tips will be helpful.


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