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What are 20 things that are not worth it?

Updated: Dec 13, 2022

1. Having an ego - All my problems stem from my ego. Reducing it via meditation has been the best thing I’ve ever done with my life.

2. Living for self - An overly selfish life is just not worth it. Share knowledge, give love, and help others grow without expectations. When I’m less selfish, life improves significantly for everybody.

3. Getting drunk and throwing up - Sitting beside a toilet bowl and vomiting. Sitting in a friend’s car and vomiting. Either way – not cool.

4. Thinking and insisting that I’m always right

5. Living someone else’s life - Never too late to start living as our true selves and our true lives. It is very rewarding and fulfilling.

Ego | Auckland Meditation

6. Being anxious all the time - I never knew how much anxiety I had until I read my journal from my early meditation years. I kept repeating the word “I’m anxious about …” – yet I never saw myself as having anxiety. Now in my latest journal entries – I don’t use this word anymore. Credits to the amazing meditation method!

7. Criticizing and arguing with others - Things within my capacity –> I look to resolve. Things outside my control –> I let go. In all situations, I learn and re-learn how to accept people for everyone only speak, act, and behave according to what they have in their minds.

8. Always blaming others or the situation

9. Running away from problems - The faster I deal with the problem, the better. The longer I ignore the problem, the harder it is to resolve and the more painful it becomes.

10. Overspending on cafés - Café visits are nice, but not required on a weekly basis.

11. Blasting up music on headphones for long hours - Music is just as enjoyable with reduced volumes.

12. Not drinking enough water. Too much salt, sugar, and saturated fat - Drinking enough water helps me focus and helps the body function better. Also, amazingly, I’ve noticed a broader range of flavours after cutting back on added salt and sugars. Next up on the list – reducing saturated fat – on doctor’s orders.

13. Physically hoarding stuff - I’m surprised at how much I’ve hoarded over the years. I’m also surprised at how little stuff I’ve actually used. Decluttering and throwing the stuff I didn’t need – so much bliss and joy.

14. Mentally hoarding stuff - The same with the mind. I only learnt how much I’ve hoarded in my lifetime after I started meditation. Mentally decluttering and releasing the stuff I didn’t need – so much more energy, bliss, and joy.

15. Making excuses all the time

16. Acting tough all the time

17. Taking things personally - I learnt many a time, things aren’t personal.

18. Being enemies with nature’s flow - Counterproductive. The faster I accept nature’s flow, the better.

19. Spending too much time and energy on things that don’t last - Instead of doing this, I now focus on cleansing my mind through meditation. When my mind is ok, everything else falls into place.

20. Being arrogant - Thinking that I’ll wake up tomorrow. Thinking that I own this life. Meditation taught me that I own nothing. Every moment is a gift. 🍀

I thoroughly enjoyed this 😃 – it helped me evaluate if I’m doing things that I consider are not worth it.

I also realized that meditation has helped me cut back on so many things – so I’m dropping this link which hopefully may help you as much as it has helped me.

Thanks so much for reading till the end! 💛🙏


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