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Sharing Happiness

There is a large avocado tree in the backyard of our meditation centre.

Just to show off the avocado in the backyard.

Organic is considered basic because it doesn't use chemical fertilisers or pesticides, and as a result, you don't know how great the taste is!

Should I say that it tastes like dark avocado butter?

If you eat avocados from the backyard and then from the supermarket, you can definitely feel the depth of the home-grown flavour.

Anyway, our delicious and precious avocados are a good harvest this year.

We picked a full basket and handed them out to our close neighbours and our meditation members.

We can feel joy doubling in proportion to the number of avocados we give out to our close people.

Come to think of it, last year, there were very few avocados, so we couldn't distribute them to the people around us.

However, thanks to this year's abundant harvest, we can share them with the people around us.

I think happiness is the same.

When your heart is full of happiness, you will be able to share happiness around you.

If you rip off my flesh and share love and happiness, only expectation and disappointment will remain in the torn place.

Do you want to share your happiness? First, grow a tree of happiness in you. In the near future, the fruit of happiness in you will enrich your surroundings.


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