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Respite Care

The unbelievable storm

I am alive

So many angels and saints

and the greater force

Serving the demon

How did I get through?

God I am lucky

These are my reflections regarding my journey from my 20s to now.

I spent time in 3 respite care centres in Auckland (Mount Albert, Mairangi Bay, and Titirangi).

Respite care is a place for mentally ill people.

I am grateful to the many support workers who helped me - they are saints ❤️


One day a friend introduced meditation to me as a solution for my mind.

I started practicing the method of discarding my remembered thoughts.

The more I discarded the more I smiled.

Becoming free.

I can see.

Mt Ruapehu, New Zealand, it is a miracle to live a normal life again
With my brothers on Mt Ruapehu - it is a miracle to have a normal life again

David is a volunteer at Auckland Meditation

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