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Positive effect

Have you heard of this experiment?

A group of hotel cleaners were divided into two groups.

Group A was informed that cleaning is calorie-consuming and exercise. A table showing the calorie consumption for lifting the mattress and dusting the blanket, etc., was put on the wall where the cleaners could see.

On the other hand, Group B was not informed, and were just left to work.

Four weeks later, something amazing happened between the two groups.

Group A lost a lot of body fat and weight, and Group B was still the same.

There was no difference in behaviour between the two groups.

The only distinction between these two groups was a difference in thought.

Just like the experiment above, you should try to do something with a positive mind rather than a negative mind.

Think of it as, “I can do it” and “it’s helpful for my growth” with a positive mind rather than thinking of it as “I don’t want to, it’s hard, and it’s a waste of time”. Because one small difference in thought can change the result.


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