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[Empty space] Find true value

Looking at it,


What I feel,

Where to step,

And I am.

What does it all consist of?

And what is the real value of life?

The Birth of Material

Scientists say that since the Big Bang explosion 13.8 billion years ago, materials including the Earth, the moon, and the sun have been created. Since then, the world we are living in now is full of materials. Mountains are filled with soil and trees, oceans are filled with seawater, cities are filled with buildings. And now I'm full of cells and organic matter.

However, scientists are saying that the seemingly full materials are actually close to empty space.

What does matter consist of?

Even the screen that you're looking at now doesn't see a single gap. And you can touch it, you can tap it. But how do scientists say that material is close to empty space?

All material is made up of atoms. The size of the atom is very small.

For example, the number of atoms in a drop of water is higher than the number of grains of sand in all beaches in New Zealand combined.

The Atomic World

So, what is this tiny atom made of?

Atoms are largely composed of electrons and nuclei.

The earth revolves around the sun, and the moon revolves around the earth. Likewise, electrons revolve around the nucleus.

The size of the electrons and nuclei that make up the atom are much smaller than the size of the atom. If we assume that the size of this atom is the size of the Earth, then the size of the electron is the size of a soccer ball and the size of the nucleus is the size of a soccer stadium.

Empty space

To sum up, atoms are made up of electrons and nuclei, and if you increase the size of atoms by the size of the Earth, the electrons are as big as soccer balls and the nuclei are as big as soccer stadiums.

So, the rest of the space in the atom minus the electrons and nuclei is just empty space.

In other words, 99.999% of the atoms are empty.

What we're looking at,


What I feel,

Desire and desire,

And I am

99.999% of all that is empty space.

Fill in value in empty space

When seen from the perspective of the Universe, whether referring to the world before all material came out 13.8 billion years ago or the world we live in today, regardless of whether that material exists or not, it is just empty.

So, just because the world we live in is like empty space, is it like dust that has no value or meaning?

If you fill an empty bottle with water, it becomes a water bottle. If you fill it with alcohol, it becomes a bottle of alcohol. And if you fill it with soy sauce, it will become a bottle of soy sauce.

Just as we can fill something in an empty bottle to create the value and meaning of the bottle, we can find and fill the meaning and value of life in such a vast empty space.

Find True Value

All material, including humans, come from empty space and go back to the origin.

Therefore, it seems that the comparison of a person's life from ancient times is called Gong-Su-Rae Gong-Su-geo in Korean, which means that there is no need to be greedy for wealth.

But while I am alive on the Earth, knowing who I am, finding the true meaning and value of life, this will fill my empty space with meaning and value that will never change, transforming the empty life of a human being.

The moment I find the true meaning and value of life in me, the world will be a world full of it, not an empty space.

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