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A Meandering Journey

We travelled to Mount Manganui with our meditation members to celebrate the happy day.

We crossed the mountain and the river by car, and finally reached our destination. Our members arrived and we climbed Mount Maunganui together.

While I was walking up the mountain one step at a time, an idea suddenly crossed my mind.

If you want to go up high, you have to go up in zigzags!

When we crossed the mountain by car, we didn't come directly, we drove over in zigzags.

And when we arrived and walked up the mountain, we walked up in zigzags.

Isn't it the same for our lives?

Our lives can never run straight in a straight line, sometimes as they bend, they go up and down.

However, was our long journey, which seemed to be bending, perhaps not the process of heading toward the destination?

Take a big breath at the top of the mountain and look down.

And then I think again in my mind.

Just as bent trees are more beautiful, the winding nature of my life makes my journey more beautiful.


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